1.  Top two (2) finishers in each qualifying tournament will receive the prize.  There will be no payouts for other players.

2.  The trip is not transferable to another player.  If the winner is not able to go, Phoenix Dart will select the next highest player from qualifying tournament the winner participated in.

3.  Open to USA players only.  The player must have been qualified to participate in Phoenix Cup Las Vegas 2018.  The player did not have to play at Phoenix Cup 2018, but still must have met the 265 game qualifications.

4.  Winners will have Hotel (July 4th-8th Double Occupancy) and Summer Festival entries paid for.  Winners are still responsible for airfare and food.  Additional nights are available for purchase thru Phoenix Dart Inc.

5.  Should the tournament go past 11:59 pm EST, all matches in play will finish and any un-played matches will continue the next day.

6.  The player must register and pay $30 entry fee at www.phoenix-dart.com by February 22nd, 2019 6:00 PM PST for the February 23rd, 2019 tournament.

7.  Players can participate both January and February tournaments if they want to, but remember can only win one trip.

8.  It is the player's responsibility to make sure they play at a location that has a VSS, or VSC4.  These consoles are easy to identify as they will have 2 monitors or a monitor in the belly of the console.

9.  NO REFUNDS.  Please make sure you will be available on the date and time of the tournament you sign-up for.  Once registered, there will be NO REFUNDS.

10.  All matches are recorded.  Any player caught cheating will be removed from the tournament and possibly banned from entering any other Phoenix Dart Inc. tournaments.

11.  Players that do not enter into the match before match forfeit time will be forfeited NO EXCEPTIONS.

12.  Phoenix Dart Inc. reserves the rights to revise, modify, delete, or add to any and all rules or in any other document.


Register for February Tournament



Singles Tournament

Double Elimination

February 23rd, 2019 @ 12PM PST

$30 Entry Fee, $1 per game.


Winners Bracket:

501 - Cricket - Cricket - 501 - Choice

Open In / Master Out

50 / 50 Bull

25 Round Limit for 501 & Cricket

No Handicap


Losers Bracket:

501 - Cricket - Choice

Open In / Master Out

50 / 50 Bull

25 Round Limit for 501 & Cricket

No Handicap


Any issues or for more help, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.