Phoenix Cup Logo 2024

    We are pleased to announce the dates and venue for Phoenix Cup 2024.  Phoenix Cup 2024 will be held September 27th – 29th and will be held at the Tuscany Suites & Casino.


Doubles 01 Entry
Doubles Cricket Entry
Trios Entry
(45 Rating Cap)

Trios 701 Entry

Official Ratings can be
found on the Player Search
Singles Medley Entry

Signup for the Phoenix Cup 2024 After Party - LINK COMING SOON
Sunday September 27th 2024 from 7:00PM - 10:00PM

    Monstah Clothing
is the official Phoenix Cup 2024 sponsor for our jerseys.  You can pre-order your jersey using the following links below.  The jerseys are in two styles, white & black.  Pre-orders for these jerseys will include a name on the front and the year.  Pre-order will only be accepted until 8/1/2024.  Jerseys will also be sold at the event but will NOT include a name or date.

Fire Jersey
Phoenix Cup Fire Jersey

Ice Jersey
Phoenix Cup Ice Jersey


  • Phoenix Cup 2024 is online registration only, there will be no walk-ins for any Main Events.
    • Entry Fees for Qualified Players: $60/Main Event
    • Entry Fees for Nonqualified Players: $120/Main Event


  • Phoenix Cup now has an Open Division.
    • Players who have not qualified for Phoenix Cup through league play may sign up for Main Events but can only compete in the Open Division.
    • All players who are rated 20 or higher, or teams with a player who is rated 20 or higher, will automatically be placed in the Open Division.


  • Main Events will not have division caps (except for 701 Trios).
    • You no longer need to scramble to find a partner who is just the right rating to fit into a division. Simply pick a compatible partner and sign up for a Main Event!
    • After signups have closed and Main Event entry lists finalized, the appropriate players will be placed in the Open Division and the remaining players/teams will be sorted by rating/team rating and split evenly into Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Divisions.
    • If there are any ties in rating/team rating at the division cut-line, same rating players/teams will be bumped into the same division. There will not be an instance where the same rating player/team will be in two different divisions in a Main Event.


  • Trios 701 Division Cap
    • Trios will have a Cap of 45 Rating for the team. This goes by your official rating and that can be found HERE by using your Phoenixdarts Players Card number to search.


  • Further event details can be found on the Schedule Page.


  • The absolute last date for an entry, teammate change or refund can be requested is September 8th, 2024.
    • After this date, a teammate change or refund will only be considered if there is an emergency that prevents the original player from attending.
    • The replacement player must be close enough in rating to the original player so as not to move the team into a different division.